Shui Spa’s Hot Stone Massage is one of our most popular treatments. At first glance, it may seem a little odd, right?  Hot rocks on your body??!! Then again, massage therapy is already somewhere on the alternative treatment spectrum so let’s just go with it.  Hot stone therapy has its roots in the rituals of certain Native American tribes who would heat rocks in a fire and place them on the body as a way to treat illness and disease.



In our signature Hot Stone Massage, hot stones (made of basalt, a volcanic rock that retains heat for a long time) are placed on reflex points and on the muscles of the back.  Originally gathered from dry riverbeds in Mexico, the smooth stones we use fit seamlessly on the human body, without risk of scratches or abrasions.  Using a specially made warmer, the stones are heated to between 130-145 degrees Fahrenheit. The hot stone treatment is only the first act, followed by a therapist’s fully customized massage with Kiehl’s products.  At 90 minutes long, that extra half an hour means deep relaxation!



Turns out, heat and bodywork are a wonderfully healing combination.  The direct heat from the stones boosts blood flow and relaxes muscles, allowing for an even deeper massage.  Sometimes therapists actually use the stones in their work to enhance their therapeutic strokes.  Hot stone massage eases muscle tension and pain.  Studies have linked the therapy to improvements in sleep, immunity, reductions in stress and anxiety, and even relief of cancer and autoimmune disease symptoms.


While this treatment is generally one of the safest options out there for massage, some people do need to take care and avoid it.  Pregnant women and those with certain blood conditions should check with their doctor first.

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