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Carnival week is over.  It is officially The End of The Summer.  By this point in the summer, staying out and getting too much sun has done a number on the body and the skin.  I can hear my face quietly begging for help.

At Shui Spa, we are exclusive partners with Kiehl’s—the only spa outside of their own NYC location.  Which means we get to be up close and personal with all of their luscious, delightful products.  If you are not yet a Kiehl’s devotee, well, it’s never too late!

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to work a new product into your tried and true routine.  Or perhaps you just don’t have time.  Often, it’s a question of “where do I start??!”  If that is your problem, consider it solved.  Below are three of my favorite Kiehl’s products.  These are also customer favorites—consider them the classics.  But they are great options if you want to give your skin care regimen a little makeover or if you are just looking for a better product to suit your needs.  Read on!

Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Yes, I know, it’s counter to every thing you’ve ever been told about your skin but this little bottle of oil is a bottle of liquid gold.  Just a few drops of the oil before bed at night and your sleepy skin will drink it up and say thank you.  The visible glow and the disappearing wrinkles are nice too.  I also love that it’s 99.8% naturally derived and paraben-free oil.

Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash

This one’s for the guys and it’s a great overall face cleanser.  It’s foamy and smells great (but not too strong or lingering).  Guys say it literally wakes them up—thanks to the caffeine, vitamins, and invigorating citrus extracts.   Also does wonders for beards!

Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+

Lightweight, silky, soft.  Not adjectives usually associated with sunscreen but always welcome.  We’re outside all the time here on Cape Cod and sunscreen is an absolute must.  I’m happy that it’s free of all the bad stuff: oil, fragrance, parabens, dyes.  Added perks are that it’s water resistant and great as a base for makeup.

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