Male Massage

Massage is so much more than a luxurious treat (although it can definitely be that too!).  Over the past 10-20 years, a growing body of research has determined that massages are not just an enjoyable way to relax but are also proven, successful ways to reduce pain and inflammation in muscles, joints and bones. In 2015, the American Massage Therapy Assocation posted their list of 25 reasons to get a massage.  A short list of medical conditions eased by massage treatments includes: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis.  Sufferers of chemotherapy related nausea, chronic tension headaches, and migraines can also experience improvement.

All About That Human Touch

For reasons that are not yet fully understood, human touch is powerful medicine.  By increasing and improving circulation, massage can ease inflammation, the root cause of many of the ailments listed above.  This also makes it an ideal choice for athletes of all levels or for those with physically demanding jobs (if this is you, try our Intensive Deep Tissue Massage).  Massage has also been documented to aid in sleep (even in infants) and several studies have noted its success in treating anxiety and depression.


This is probably no surprise to many other parts of the world.  When I lived in Indonesia (back in 2006-7), many families (parents and kids) got regular, weekly massages.  It was not seen as a luxury but rather a regular, routine kind of thing.  Of course, it helped that an hour massage was about the same price as a sandwich!

Extra Perks

While the massages that we offer here at Shui Spa are more expensive than a sandwich, they also include many extra touches that go beyond the bodywork.  The spa itself is, in the words of one customer “a mini paradise.”  We use Kiehl’s signature products to rejuvenate moisturize the skin as we work.  Our attentive staff works tirelessly to meet any and all requests or needs you may have.  And of course, as a guest of the spa, you can also use our mineral soaking tub.  For a list of our available massage treatments, click here.


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