By far, one of the best perks of a visit to Shui Spa—aside from the treatments themselves, of course— is the complimentary use of our therapeutic mineral soaking tub.  This luxurious bath, inspired by the natural hot springs and baths used for thousands of years in Japan, is the hub of our spa.  Plan some extra time at the spa to take advantage of it.  It’s also available to guests staying at the Crowne Pointe Historic Inn.  Balneotherapy, the therapeutic use of water, offers health benefits that complement the work of massage and facial treatments.  Here’s how:


Studies have found that hot mineral baths may help ease the pain suffered from chronic muscle and joint inflammation, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.  The buoyancy of the mineral water gives weary joints a brief break from gravity.  We keep the bath at around 100 degrees Fahrenheit¾a temperature that also helps increase blood circulation and oxygenation.


Warm baths are a staple of the nighttime routine of babies and kids—and for good reason.  The changes in body temperature that you experience in getting in and out of the tub help with relaxation and signal your body to relax and sleep.


A little hot water can go a long way, so be sure to limit the amount of time you spend in the time (15-20 minutes is a good amount).  For some (especially pregnant women), the hot water should be avoided without checking with a doctor first.

Want to learn more about our mineral soaking tub?  Call or visit!

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