We love Halloween. A holiday that combines goofiness, creativity, fake blood, glitter, and all-you-can-eat candy doesn’t come around every day. But let’s face it, endless hours in platform boots and caked on theater make-up take their toll, leaving your body to feel a little less than stellar on November 1st. If your body is still reeling from the rigors of Halloween parties, a restorative day here at the spa may be just the thing. The soles of my feet feel better just thinking about it. Here’s what’s on my menu to perk up the body and soul this month:

Kiehl’s Mani/Pedi

Our Mani/Pedi treatments are all about nourishing, hydrating, and energizing your tired hands and feet. Finished with polish, these treatments will have your fingers and toes saying ‘thank you’!


Our Signature Facials are one of our most popular treatments for a reason. Customized and specifically tailored to your skin’s needs, this treatment is like a delectable feast for your skin.


A Shui Spa reflexology treatment is the perfect way to work out the tension and soreness in your feet and rejuvenate the rest of your body at the same time.

Why not make it a full day by adding lunch or, better yet, a little overnight stay in one of Crowne Pointe’s cozy guestrooms?

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