Our signature massages are some of the most popular bodywork treatments at Shui Spa, I wanted to give a shout out to some of the lesser known but still deeply effective treatments we offer such as Reflexology. Totally confused or baffled as to what it is? Below is a quick intro and a description of what you can expect. It is a wonderful treatment: relaxing and rejuvenating. Next time you come to the spa, why not go outside your comfort zone and try something new? You may discover a new favorite!

While reflexology is pretty typical fare on a lot of spa menus, it’s popularity in the United States is not what it is in say, Asia. When I lived in East Java, Indonesia, for example, it was part of most people’s standard health routine (as were weekly massages. Ahh, it was heaven!). When you think of reflexology, your first thought may be ‘foot massage.’ But oh, trust me, it is so much more!

The basic premise of reflexology is that every part of your foot corresponds to a different organ or part of your body (check out the cool pic). It naturally follows that working on a particular part of the foot can release toxins, remove blockages, increase blood flow, and open energy pathways to that part of the body. Bring on the healing!

Most reflexology treatments are 30 minutes, but ours is a glorious 60-minute treatment! Our certified reflexology practitioner will start by asking about any health concerns or problem areas that you want to focus on. Then you’ll get a treatment custom tailored for you. You can also just do an overall wellness treatment. Either way, it’s a treat for your feet and for your body.  Be prepared though, the sensations you will feel in your feet can be pretty intense!

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